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Steepletone Discgo

Retro style round 3 speed record player with built in speakers, flipover stylus, variable speed control, subwoofer and headphone sockets. Wood and plastic cabinet with perspex lid. Available in black, red or white.


Steepletone Deckster

Three speed stand alone record player with pitch control, flipover stylus and built-in L.P. storage. Available in red or white.



Roxy 1

1960's retro-style three speed record player with MW-FM radio and USB/SD MP3 playback. Available in red or black.


Roxy 3

1960's retro-style three speed record player with radio & CD player. Available in red or black.


Steepletone Norwich

Retro 3-speed record player with radio and MP3 playback. Available in light or dark wood veneer.


Steepletone Chichester 3

Ultra compact nostalgia music system with 3-speed record player, CD player, cassette player and MW/FM radio. Available in light or dark wood veneer.


Steepletone SRP05TT

Retro portable 3-speed record player with radio in black and cream or red and cream


Steepletone Phono 1

Gramophone style retro stereo music system with turntable, CD player, radio and MP3 playback. Comes complete with horn and table stand with built- in sub woofer.


Steepletone SFB 34002

Floor box three speaker sound system with LED laser lights. 80 watts of power - remote control included.

Display model - was £300


Steepletone SPT1200

Semi-automatic two speed turntable with PC link for USB to PC recording, audio out and aux in.


Steepletone ST938 BT

Stand alone 3 speed record player with pitch control, flipover stylus and bluetooth streaming. Available in cream or silver.


Steepletone ST282

Stand alone 3 speed record player with tone control, pitch control and flipover stylus.


 Steepletone ST929 PRO

Stand-alone stereo music player with 3-speed record player with pitch control, remote control and MP3 to USB/SD encoding. Available in silver or black.



Steepletone SRP 1R

Semi-automatic 3-speed record player with MW / FM radio and USB / SD MP3 playback. Available in black or blue.


(previously £135)

Steepletone SRP025

Compact retro style portable 2-speed record player with tone and speed control.



Steepletone T-012 Subwoofer system

Subwoofer with twin satellite speakers - connects to any Steepletone product with subwoofer socket giving up to 150 Watts output.




If you're interested in any of our record players and you can't come in to the shop then it's best to phone on (01382) 228496 for more information rather than an email. Every record player is different and we can guide you through them and let you hear them playing if required. Due to the age and delicate nature of some of the machines we're often reluctant to send them by courier although we can if necessary. 


Original 1964 portable record player with BSR autochange turntable with mono / stereo compatible cartridge.


Ameltone Popular

Original late 60's record player with 3 speed BSR autochange turntable with stereo/mono compatible cartridge and separate bass and treble controls. Good rich sound.


Cossor 559

Original 1957 portable record player with 4 speed Collaro Conquest autochange turntable, mono flip-over cartridge, volume and tone controls and bonus matching 7" record box (not shown).


Dansette Automix

Original 1959 portable record player with 4 speed BSR autochange turntable, mono flip-over cartridge, volume and tone controls, illuminated power on/off and operating instructions.


Dansette Major

Original early 60's portable record player with a BSR UA14 four speed autochange turntable with mono/stereo compatible cartridge. Turntable instructions included.


Philips Disc Jockey Major

Original 1957 three speed single play portable record player with service manual.


Sobell Stereosonic

Original 1960 stereo record player with four speed BSR Monarch autochange turntable. Volume and tone controls and illuminated power button.

Extension stereo speaker forms part of the lid.


Aiwa  PX-E45

Two speed belt driven semi automatic turntable.


Ion CD Direct

Record player / CD player combo with built in speakers. Records direct from vinyl to CD. Instruction book and USB cable included (no software disc).


Sharp RP-113

Linear tracking belt driven two speed turntable


Sharp RP-1122

Two speed belt driven automatic turntable fitted with new Shure stylus.



Sony PS-LX320

Two speed belt driven fully automatic turntable.



Bang and Olufsen 3300

Top end system consisting of turntable, tuner amplifier, cassette deck and S30 loudspeakers. Remote control included. All fully working.


Fidelity Stereo Broadcast

Original early seventies record player/radio combo with BSR four speed/three size turntable with autochange or single play (extra spindle included). Comes with twin BRC speakers.


Hacker Centurion

Original late 60's stereo system with a Garrard SP25 Mk3 single play 4 speed turntable, separate bass & treble controls and illuminated power indicator. Various inputs and outputs. Original speakers included.


His Masters Voice model 2018

Original late 60's four speaker cabinet stereogram with a Garrard four speed autochange turntable, separate bass & treble controls, illuminated power indicator and extra short spindle for single-play function. Teak cabinet with removeable legs.



Original 60's two track single speed reel-to-reel tape recorder with valve amplifier. Comes with original microphone, empty spool, recordable tape, two pre-recorded tapes and original instruction book.


Various separates usually available - amps, CD players, tuners, cassette players, speakers etc.